Do This Four Things To Your Atm Card And You Can Never Ever Be Scammed

Do This Four Things To Your Atm Card And You Can Never Ever Be Scammed

Do you know that more than 500 people are scammed or defrauded on the internet on a daily basis?

For this very reason, you need to protect yourself so that you don’t fall prey of internet fraudsters

Internet fraud is a means where certain persons use tricky way/ways to steal money from other person in the internet, these can be through ATM card, Recharge Card, Or even physical cash.

Today you will learn how to protect your account so you don’t get defrauded.

There are four things that you can do to your card to avoid fraudsters gaining access to your card, I have discovered that 70% of the internet scam are done with card so now you will know how to secure your card.

Method one

Don’t ever save your card details online after you finish performing any transaction, there are some sites or browsers that will ask you to save your card so you can be able to use it next time, this is very bad because when some of these fraudsters gain access to your browsing histories, they can steal this card detail and use it for themselves

Method two

Avoid shopping in any e-commerce site that is not trusted, some of these site are created by fraudsters so that they will lure people to insert their ATM card and boom they will begin to wipe out your money from your bank account.

To identify any site that is not secured for shopping or filling your credit card information, look at the web address and check the HTTP, if it have Https then it is secured but if it have just Http then don’t even try to add your credit card information

Method three

This method is the best method to adopt to, this method allows you to lock your credit or ATM card as soon as you finish any single transaction.

This feature come with your mobile bank app, you can navigate to card and select lock card to lock your card when you misplace it or when it is stolen, this way the thief cannot have access to your money till you go to your bank to block it

Method four

This is the final method but it is not always advisable but if you think you can do it then this is how it works.

Get your ATM card and then locate the long 15 serial number on the front of the ATM card then using a sharp object, scratch the numbers out. This way, even if you misplace your card, no one can use it to shop online.

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