Kindly Read This If You Want To Register For the Npower Federal Government Undergraduate and Graduate Empowerment Program.

Kindly Read This If You Want To Register For the Npower Federal Government Undergraduate and Graduate Empowerment Program.

I have decided to write how NCE, ND, HND and holders who want to apply for Npower Job can get their application selected among thousands of Nigerians who will apply for 400,000 slot of Npower job.

Please, kindly follow all these procedure very well to be one of the Beneficiaries of batch C Npower Beneficiaries.

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Registration for batch C Npower beneficiary registration is going to start on June 26, 2020 and the Npower Portal is going to open on that same day.

Federal Ministry of Humanitarian, disaster management and social development announced that Npower Batch C enrolment will commence on June 26th. To apply you must submit your BVN. The transition of NPower Batch A and Batch B is for June 30 and July 31, 2020, respectively.

Batch A and B Npower Beneficiaries are going to be transited to government entrepreneurship program. More details on this later…

Firstly, These are the qualifications that can apply for Npower Job

  1. SSCE
  2. NCE
  3. OND, HND
  4., and P.hd

But, I will advise you to apply with your, if you are P.hD or holder.

Secondly, let me give you 5 Mistakes that can Disqualify your application right from first steps (during Registration)

  1. If your BVN name is not the same with the Registered name. System will automatically disqualify you from first step
  2. If you fill wrong Account number or BVN. The system will not recognize the wrong Account number with the BVN. That will Disqualify you automatically
  3. If you select wrong qualifications during Registration e.g if you are NCE graduate and you select HND. You will be disqualified
  4. If you fail Npower test, Npower test is very simple and easy to pass, but you don’t pass it, you will not be qualified for physical verification.
  5. All former Npower Beneficiaries have been automatically disqualified before Registration.

Let see some data you need for your online Registration



Phone Number

Bank Account Number

Bank name

State origin and LGA

Residential Address

State of Resident

Category (Nteach, Nhealth or N-agro)

After you have passed the first stage, second stage, these are the documents you need for physical verification.

BVN slip

Educational Qualification

National Youth Service Certificate

Birth Certificate

Local Government Identification letter.

Npower salary

All Graduates categories of Npower are collecting N30,000 per month and Non-graduate are collecting N10,000 per month.

Application is going to be online on the Official website of Npower. I will share the direct link to register when the Registration start on 26th of June, 2020.

Make sure you supply right information during your online Registration to avoid payment issue when you start receiving Stipend.

Frequently check up on this post I will talk about how to pass Npower test and share the website link that Npower use to take their test.

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